the first cod
without preservatives
on the market


Production and distribution of desalted,
salted and frozen cod to the point of salt.


Our history

Since 1976

In 1976 Miguel Angel Alkorta started his activity in the food sector, evolving in the treatment of different products until 1993, when together with his brother José Ignacio, they opted for cod as the main product.

Without preservatives

Without preservatives

we processed by high hydrostatic pressure (HPP)
with all of its nutritional properties
maintaining intact all of its savour

Desalted Cod NATURE

Our desalinated cod is treated by high hydrostatic pressure (HPP), an innovative non-thermal food preservation technology. In this way we achieve respect for the sensorial and nutritional quality of the food, increasing its shelf life and food safety.

Desalted Cod

For the most demanding palates, we offer our Alkorta range, which selects the best raw material, providing it the right desalted point.

Frozen cod to the point of salt

The frozen cod to the point of salt is a comfortable and healthy product for any occasion. Frozen by the most sophisticated methods, we obtain this product that can stored for a long period of time without its quality being altered. Elaborated only with Gadus Morhua cod, from the best fishing grounds.

Salted cod

For the most traditional ones we have the authentic wild cod of hook, in different formats, with bones or deboned. We adapt to your needs.

The salted cod is caught by hook, respecting the fishing quotas and and minimum sizes, by small boats that go out to fish daily, salting the fresh fish of the day.

Guarantee of success


In BACALAOS ALKORTA we guarantee the quality and the security of our products, answering to the most strict health and safety rules. Our facilities are properly equipped and we count on a highly qualified human team, what allows us to offer products with the maximum QUALITY ASSURANCE.

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